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From compact and versatile CCD, EMCCD and sCMOS cameras to accessories and MicroPublishers, QImaging is your one-stop shop for meeting all of your imaging needs. Buy with confidence because your purchase includes one of the best product warranty plans available in the industry!

CCD, EMCCD and Scientific CMOS Cameras »

High performance quantitative digital CCD, EMCCD and Scientific CMOS cameras are designed for life science microscopy and industrial imaging applications. CMOS cameras provide high resolution digital color for publication and documentation.

Imaging Software »

All QImaging cameras include the QCapture Suite Software, an easy to use image capture program that provides high performance preview and capture functionality. Expand your camera's capability by upgrading to QCapture Pro software or facilitate easy integration with custom software with our Software Development Kit.

Imaging Accessories »

Complete or update your configuration with accessories such as power supplies, FireWire cables or high resolution lenses — just to name a few!

Legacy Cameras and Imaging Products »

For your convenience, access information for your legacy QImaging camera or other imaging products. Download user manuals and datasheets, or search for published research using a specific camera.