Is a CCD camera the
wrong solution?

You need to capture fast cellular dynamics and your camera can’t keep up
You’re trying to follow time-changing behaviors and the field of view is too small
High frame rates are absolutely needed, but the data handling is too complex
Easy integration is a must

Learn more about optiMOS

$9,950 USD

optiMOS addresses your CCD camera challenges:

Study cell dynamics with 10x greater temporal resolution
  • Stream 100 fps with 2.1 Mega Pixels vs. most CCD cameras that stream 10 fps with 1.4 Mega Pixels
Eliminate compromise between speed, resolution and sensitivity
  • Combine 100 fps with 2.1 Mega Pixels and <2e- electronic noise
Achieve high frame rates without complexity
  • Stream 100 fps to a single PCIe SSD
  • Does not require complex and expensive RAID 0 configurations with multiple SSD drives
Obtain Scientific CMOS for the price of a CCD camera
  • optiMOS offers CCD performance but with higher speed, a larger FOV and greater  sensitivity for $9,950 USD
Build highly customized imaging solutions
  • Available PVCAM SDK
  • Multiple master and slave triggering configurations

Develop New Insights in Cell Physiology,
Stimulate New Research Avenues

Recommended methods
and applications:

Live Cell Fluorescence

High Speed, Multicolor

Intrinsic Imaging

Spinning Disk Confocal