QImaging® Introduces a New Version 1.1 of its Ocular™ Scientific Image Acquisition Software

February 8, 2017

The intuitive Ocular Software delivers on simplicity and effectiveness for image acquisition with QImaging cameras

Surrey, CanadaQImaging, a manufacturer of scientific cameras for life sciences, introduces a new version 1.1 of its Ocular image acquisition software. Initially released with the Retiga R Series cameras, Ocular has made significant updates with a key focus on being an effective solution that enables easy publication and documentation for researchers. Built from the ground up, Ocular is a reliable part of daily research tasks and the software provides a familiar and intuitive user experience. Version 1.1 expands on simplicity with a broader range of features and it is included, and now shipping with new QImaging cameras.

Ocular features and benefits include:

  • Simple Design and Customization with ribbon-style controls for easy navigation.
  • Easy Camera Control for complete control of all camera parameters.
  • Numerous Movie Capture Options for capturing time-lapse or no delay movies.
  • User-Oriented Explore and Adjust for end users to use Ocular like any other software.
  • Efficient Save and Publish Capabilities with a single click to capture and publish images.

"Ocular was built with one simple vision, to be the easiest image acquisition software for microscopy," said Rachit Mohindra, product manager at QImaging. "Version 1.1 is a major milestone because it is based on customer feedback. Since its initial launch, we've added much more functionality and made improvements to workflow, decreasing the steps required to accomplish various imaging goals."

Ocular version 1.1 also provides innovative and easy to use movie modes and saving functions. QImaging will continue to proactively seek customer feedback and add features and functionality to make Ocular the go-to imaging capture software for scientists.

Additional information, including sneak preview videos, are available online: www.qimaging.com/ocular

About QImaging

QImaging designs and manufactures user-friendly CCD, EMCCD, CMOS and Scientific CMOS cameras for life science, and is an OEM supplier for biomedical instrumentation manufacturers. These affordable and diverse digital imaging solutions offer outstanding versatility, ease of use and reliability. Customers around the world use QImaging cameras to perform quantitative image analysis and acquire high-resolution images for publication. The company is headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia, and is a registered ISO 9001:2008 company.

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