OEM Partnership and Support

QImaging - Your OEM Partner

Offering ultimate performance at an affordable price, QImaging consistently delivers OEM cameras and imaging products that are innovative, easy to integrate, cost‐effective and on time.

What you may not know is how easy and affordable it is to work with QImaging OEM consultants. The key to this success is the individual attention each customer receives through the entire OEM process -- from project initiation, throughout the development process, during manufacturing, and aftermarket service and support. This focused approach assures that our team develops the right product and program the first time, so that your company can achieve its development goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

QImaging OEM products are optimized for multiple application requirements. Flexible feature sets and multiple interface options, make QImaging the ideal company to assist with all your integration needs. The single driver platform supports a wide range of products, including everything from very low light to high light imaging. Board level cameras, camera modules, and compact size and application versatility, these solutions ensure ultimate performance – all at an affordable price.

When you partner with QImaging, the OEM support you receive provides application-driven, customized solutions, including:

  • Optimized products for a multitude of applications
  • Unique part number/Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Single driver platform, supporting a wide range of products
  • Strategically located global service centers
  • Dedicated support from an entire OEM team

There are many reasons why companies choose QImaging as their preferred OEM supplier. Discover how you can achieve your OEM goals more efficiently, with increased quality and more cost-effectively.