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Award Winning optiMOS™ sCMOS Camera

optiMOS sCMOS vs Cooled CCD

Bio Research Benefits from Advances in sCMOS Technology.
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optiMOS- $9,950 USD  -  2014 Laboratory Equipment Readers' Choice Awards Winner

Offered as the affordable sCMOS solution, optiMOS brings the advantages of low noise and high speed imaging to a broader range of cell biology applications.

See how optiMOS is the CCD alternative for:

optiMOS for Cell Biology Cell Biology
optiMOS for Ion transport Physiology Ion Transport Physiology
optiMOS for Biophysics Biophysics


  • Study high speed cell dynamics with greater temporal resolution (100 frames per second)
  • See more, faster (2.1 megapixels with 6.5µm pixels, 14.3mm diagonal)
  • Eliminate the tradeoffs between speed and sensitivity (<2e- read noise)
  • High Speed Imaging without Complexity (proprietary high Speed data interface, 420MB/s data rate)
  • New wLS™ LED Illumination Unit for Easy Fluorescence Imaging
Region of Interest Frame Rates
1920 x 1080 100fps
1920 x 512 220fps
512 x 512 220fps
1920 x 128 850fps
128 x 128 850fps
1920 x 64 1630fps
64 x 64 1630fps

Methods & Applications

  • Cell Biology
    Spinning Disk Confocal, High Speed Multicolor Fluorescence, FRAP, Intrinsic Imaging
  • Ion Transport Physiology
    Electrophysiology, Calcium Imaging, Ratiometrics Imaging, Voltage Sensitive Dyes
  • Biophysics
    Membrane Dynamics, Protein/Lipid Trafficking, Nanoparticle Imaging, High Speed FRET, TIRF


  • optiMOS Scientific CMOS Camera
    Model: 01-OPTIMOS-R-M-16-C (monochrome, 16-bit)


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February 27, 2017
July 14, 2016

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