QImaging Software

All QImaging cameras include image capture software, giving you easy to use image capture with high performance preview and capture functionality. A Software Development Kit is also available to facilitate integration with custom software.

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Software is great when you can't imagine doing the task at hand with anything else. From the moment you install it, Ocular will be your go-to choice for image capture in microscopy. Built from the ground up, Ocular presents a clean interface that requires almost zero learning curve. The controls feel familiar. The performance is responsive. Employ an image capture program like Ocular. Your science is great - your images should be too.


  • Fast set-up
  • Built to work with all QImaging and Photometrics PVCAM-based cameras
  • Ribbon-style controls for easy navigation
  • Capture time lapse or time course experiments and export movies
  • Push-button RGB channel capture and pseudocolor overlays
  • Ability to customize button availability and placement
  • Zoom to region of interest tool
  • Simple statistics and analysis within a frame, Region of Interest (ROI) or line
  • Image workflow managed within Multiple Document Interface (MDI)
  • Publish image feature to capture high quality image of what is on screen, including overlay or ROI
  • Color camera support and color to monochrome
  • Intuitive capture of single frames, time lapse or movie

Can software make your science better? Absolutely. Ocular puts the focus on capturing great images, not learning how to run software. With such a frictionless interface, image capture is a breeze, right out of the box.

Ocular is your window to great data.

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QCapture Suite Software


QCapture allows for computer control of all camera functions for preview, capture and save. QCapture offers advanced functions such as binning and region of interest (ROI) and a live histogram for optimizing dynamic range. The latest version of QCapture is available for download from the downloads section.

Windows QCapture Suite

  • Operates with Windows® XP/Vista/7 32 and 64 bit
  • Includes plug-in for Adobe Photoshop image enhancement software
  • Includes TWAIN interface
  • Includes plug-in for NIH ImageJ image processing program
  • System Requirements

QCapture PRO 7 Software

QCapture PRO

QCapture Pro 7 provides state-of-the art imaging and analysis capability for acquiring, enhancing and analyzing images with simple to use live true color imaging and correction. It was designed for easy user interaction and offers quick access tools and guides to make digital imaging simple, quick and productive.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows® XP SP 3 and later (32-bit)
  • Windows® Vista Business and Ultimate SP 2 and later (32 & 64-bit)
  • Windows® 7 Professional and Ultimate (32 & 64-bit)
  • Windows® 8 not supported

QCapture PRO 7 Datasheet

QCapture PRO 7 User Manual

Newly Designed Features

  • Intuitive icon-driven image acquisition workflow
  • Customizable interface with tabbed ribbon and repositionable windows
  • Manage image workflow with the Multiple Document Interface (MDI) and docking views
  • Quick access toolbar and explanation guides for functions
  • Multiple and inverted Regions of Interests (ROI)
  • Calibration Wizard tool for quick spatial calibration
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Improved Tools

  • Enhanced Auto Contrast
  • Snap and Save
  • Dynamic auto-range and best fit
  • Background correction

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Software Developers Kit (SDK)

An SDK is available with concise API commands to facilitate easy integration with custom software for Windows® Based Systems. Access to QImaging's SDK is available at no charge with the purchase of a QImaging camera.