QImaging Camera User Manuals

Current and Legacy Cameras

QImaging camera user manuals are available for both current and legacy cameras. These files are provided as PDFs which require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download PDF Reader for Free.

EXi Aqua User Manual EXi-Aqua-Manual.pdf 202KB
EXi Blue User Manual EXi-Blue-Manual.pdf 253KB
MicroPublisher RTV 5.0 and 3.3 User Manual MicroPublisherRTVManual.pdf 401KB
MicroPublisher 6 User Manual MicroPublisher6-Manual.pdf 2.2MB
optiMOS Series User Manual optiMOS-Manual.pdf 5.6MB
QCapture Pro 5.1 User Manual QCapture-Pro-51-Manual.pdf 1.7MB
QCapture Pro 7 User Manual QCaptureProManual.pdf 11.1MB
QCapture Suite User Manual QCaptureSuiteManual.pdf 1.8MB
QICAM 10-bit User Manual QICAM-10bitManual.pdf 515KB
QICAM 12-bit Fast 1394 User Manual QICAM-12bitManual.pdf 520KB
QICAM-IR Fast 1394 User Manual QICAM-IRFastManual.pdf 520KB
QICAM-UV Fast 1394 User Manual QICAM-UVFastManual.pdf 520KB
QIClick User Manual QIClick-Manual.pdf 2.3MB
Intensified Retiga Fast 1394 User Manual IntRetigaFastManual.pdf 590KB
Retiga 1300 User Manual Retiga1300Manual.pdf 515KB
Retiga 1300i Fast 1394 User Manual Retiga1300iFastManual.pdf 520KB
Retiga 1300R Fast 1394 User Manual Retiga1300RFastManual.pdf 468KB
Retiga 2000R Fast 1394 User Manual Retiga2000RFastManual.pdf 462KB
Retiga 2000RV User Manual Retiga2000RVFastManual.pdf 527KB
Retiga 3000 User Manual Retiga-3000-Manual.pdf 3.3MB
Retiga 4000R Fast 1394 User Manual Retiga-4000R-Manual.pdf 453KB
Retiga 4000RV User Manual Retiga4000RVFastManual.pdf 528KB
Retiga 6000 User Manual Retiga-6000-Manual.pdf 3.3MB
Retiga ELECTRO User Manual Retiga-ELECTRO-Manual.pdf 2.4MB
Retiga EXi User Manual RetigaEXiManual.pdf 512KB
Retiga EXi Fast 1394 User Manual RetigaEXiFastManual.pdf 513KB
Retiga LUMO User Manual Retiga-LUMO-Manual.pdf 2.27MB
Retiga R Series User Manual Retiga-R-Series-Manual.pdf 2.5MB
Retiga SRV User Manual RetigaSRVFastManual.pdf 310KB
Rolera Bolt User Manual Rolera-Bolt-Manual.pdf 759KB
Rolera EM-C2 User Manual Rolera-EMC2-Manual.pdf 306KB
Rolera MGi User Manual RoleraMGiFastManual.pdf 490KB
Rolera Thunder User Manual Rolera-Thunder-Manual.pdf 1.4MB
Rolera-XR Fast 1394 User Manual Rolera-XRFastManual.pdf 484KB