QImaging Legacy Downloads

As a courtesy, legacy drivers and software are available for download. However, please note that support for these legacy products is no longer provided by QImaging.

To download legacy software and drivers, please select the version appropriate for your operating system and click on the filename.

LabView Interface

For LabView 6.1, 7.4, 8.0 and 8.2

LabView Interface 2.2.1
Released: 05-02-07
  • Added Support for LabView 8.0 and 8.2, as well as NI-IMAQ 3.5
  • Support for QCam Bayer interpolation
  • Support for QImaging RGB filter wheel
  • Added support for the QCam auto expose function
  • Supported by QCam 2.0.8 and earlier versions

size: 2.9MB

Software Release Notes

LabView Interface 2.02
Released: 10-22-2004
  • Improved Support for new versions of NI-IMAQ in LabView 6.1
  • Added Support for LabView 7.1
  • Support for Bayer QImaging cameras in both LabView 6.1 and 7.1

size: 1.08MB

LabView Interface 1.68.6
Released: 06-25-2004
  • Driver Version Update 1.68.6
  • Supports LabView 6 ONLY

size: 620KB

LabView Interface 1.68.4
Released: 02-06-2004

Version Update: v1.68.4
  • Driver Version Update 1.68.4
  • Support for new firmware for Retiga EXi, Retiga 1300i and QICAMs
  • More Verbose Error Messages

size: 644KB

LabView Interface 1.68
Released: 10-31-2003

Version Update: v1.68
  • Driver Version Update 1.68
  • Supports LabView 6 ONLY

size: 644KB

LabView Interface 1.66
Released: 08-01-2003

Version Update: v1.66
  • Driver Version Update 1.66

size: 644KB

LabView Interface 1.0
Released: 05-15-2002

Version Update: v1.00
  • This is the first release of our LabView interface

size: 998KB