Frequently Asked Questions


QCapture Pro 7 – Installing Patch for Windows Update
Why am I seeing an image gradient during short exposure times when using the Rolera EM-C2?
How is binning performed on the MicroPublisher?
What is QImaging's recommendation for IEEE-1394 (FireWire) cards?
What is QImaging's policy regarding RSS-422 products?
What is QImaging's warranty policy?
How does the MicroPublisher differ from other QImaging FireWire cameras?
How are the gain and offset settings used? Why should I use default settings in Gain and Offset?
Where can I get updated drivers for QImaging cameras?
Can I get drivers for the Xillix PMI 4200 for Windows 2000?
I'm using an older FireWire card. Will my QImaging camera work?
Are QImaging's cameras IIDC or DCAM complaint?
How do I operate two cameras simultaneously?
How does the cooling differ between the Retiga 1300 and EX?
What is a Bayer Pattern?
What is Mono?
What is the RGB filter?
Can we connect and operate other RGB filters to QImaging cameras?
Why are there 2 FireWire ports on the back of the camera?
Do QImaging cameras have a C-mount?
What versions of LabVIEW do you currently support?
Why is my image purple when I have a Monochrome camera?
Is my camera supported by QCam 2.0 and higher?
What are the spectral response curves?
What are the Minimum System Requirements?
Why do I get a fluctuation when in Preview Mode?
What do the LEDs indicate?
How can I power my QImaging camera?
What is the Specification for QImaging External Power Supply?
I am receiving Error Code 28. What does this mean?
I am Receiving Error Code 14. What do I do?
I am Receiving Error Code 20. What does this mean?
Why is my image blurred?
How do I identify the IR filter?
How do I insert the IR filter?
How do I remove the IR filter?
I am having problems with a QImaging camera with 3rd party software. What do I do?
How can I create MPEG files (compressed movie format) for QImaging cameras?
I'm getting QerrBadSettings when using Qcam_QueueSettings. What does this mean?
Do you have a plug in for Final Cut Pro 3 (on Mac)?
What is the SDK?
Why do I need to have a white balancing algorithm?
How do I implement a white (color) balancing algorithm?
For General SDK Inquiries
Binning works with every camera except the Micropublisher. Why?
How can I increase frame rate when using QCam_GrabFrame?
What are the restrictions for Mac OS 9 frame callbacks?
How do I implement gain and offset using Labview?
What Powering Options Exist for my QImaging Camera?
What are the Minimum System requirements for QCapture Pro?
Why is my camera not loading in QCapture Pro?
How to Install/Uninstall ("Rollback") Versions of the QCam driver.
How do I install QCapture Pro?
How do I open TIFF files saved in QCapture Pro in other programs?
How do I control the SyncB output for my camera in QCapture Pro?
My QCapture Pro dongle isn't registering on my Windows XP SP2 machine.
My QCapture Pro does not recognize my 2000R or 4000R
How do I save JPEG or JPG files in QCapture Pro?
Is there a safe way to clean the RGB filter?
I get meaningless/garbled text when I try to download the Mac software using Internet Explorer
What FireWire stack does QImaging use on Windows?
How can I add extra power to the FireWire PCI card?
How do I install QCapture software in Windows Vista?
How do I install QImaging software in Windows XP?
My camera isn't responding after installing new QImaging software.