Software Downloads

Download software for your current or legacy QImaging FireWire or USB Camera. Refer to the Software Compatibility Matrix for the most current list of third party supported software.

Camera Software Downloads

PVCAM Installer for Windows

Installs the PVCAM driver for Windows 7, 8 and 10

PVCAM Highlights:

  • Added new parameters to retrieve various camera timing information related to frame rates (select camera models)
  • Added interface detection parameters for USB3.0 and PCI-Express (select camera models)
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements in the USB device driver.

Windows Icon 32-bit & 64-bit download

NOTE: PVCAM SDK is no longer part of the PVCAM runtime package and is available for download as a separate package.

PVCAM Release Notes

PVCamTest Executable Package

PVCamTest Executable Package 3.2.99 Highlights:

  • Basic imaging software for PVCAM cameras
  • PVCAM SDK contains the PVCamTest 3.2.99 source code and binaries.
  • The PVCAM Runtime Installer is required.

Windows Icon PVCamTest 3.2.99 Setup

Additional PVCamTest Executable Release Notes


Notes: The PVCAM SDK is no longer part of the PVCAM runtime package and is available for download as a separate installer.

Please, check that your PVCAM and SDK package versions match in Programs and Features dialogue.

PVCAM for Mac

Moving forward, QImaging will focus driver development and support on the Windows platform only and have discontinued updates to PVCAM Drivers for Mac OSX. Existing PVCAM Drivers for Mac OSX will continue to be available for legacy products. Users are welcome to test this configuration for suitability on their systems. Please contact your sales representative or a QImaging service professional with questions or to provide feedback.

QCam Installer for Windows

QCam Installer

Installs QCam driver and image acquisition software for Windows XP and 7


  • QCam Driver
  • QCapture Suite 2.9.13
  • QCam SDK

Supported Cameras:

  • Rolera EMC2, Rolera Bolt, Rolera XR
  • EXi Blue, Retiga™ 2000R/4000R, Retiga™ 2000DC/4000DC
  • QICam, QIClick
  • MicroPublisher 3.3, MicroPublisher 5.0

View the QITube Download Instructions Video

QCam Release Notes

The QCam SDK is included and installed with the latest QCam Driver package and is installed in the C:\Program Files\QImaging folder.

QCam Installer for Mac

Legacy QCam Mac driver and QCapture Suite PLUS software supports some QImaging cameras on Mac 10.6 and 10.7 operating systems. QCapture Suite PLUS includes several additional features to the standard QCapture Suite Windows application including stream acquisitions, time-lapse acquisitions, scale bars and flat-fielding. Please note that this is the final Mac driver and software download that will be available from QImaging, and only Windows based operating systems will be supported in the future. Please refer to the Mac support statement below for more information.


  • QCam Mac Driver 2.0.10
  • QCapture Suite PLUS

Supported Cameras:

  • Rolera™ EM-C2
  • EXi™ Blue, Retiga™ 2000R/4000R, Retiga™ 2000DC/4000DC
  • QIClick™, QICam
  • MicroPublisher 3.3, MicroPublisher 5.0

Supported Computers/Operating Systems:

  • Mac Pro, iMac
  • Mac OSx 10.6, Mac OSx 10.7
Mac Icon

Download QCapture Suite PLUS Driver Zip File


Download QImaging Mac Support Statement

View QCapture Suite PLUS Release Notes

QCapture Pro 7 - FREE 30 Day Trial

Available with a free 30 day trial, QCapture Pro 7 is optimized for Image acquisition, and offers quick access tools and guides to make digital imaging simple, quick, and productive.

Note: Please uninstall any older version of QCapture Pro 7 before installing this version.

Supports Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit
Does not Support Windows 8

Additional Information Regarding this Trial Version

View QCapture Pro 7 Release Notes

Activate or Install QCapture Pro 7 Software without Internet Access


Windows Icon

In recent updates, Microsoft released two hotfixes which updated their FireWire stack file. However, these updates cause performance drops in the functionality of Texas Instruments (TI) FireWire Controllers which ship with QImaging cameras. These performance drops manifest with the following symptoms:

  • Image Tearing
  • Interference Lines
  • Black Images
  • Reduced Frames-per-second

Installing the Thesycon 1394 stack fixes these problems by replacing the default Microsoft stack. This remedies any problems caused by the updates.

The Thesycon FireWire stack has been thoroughly tested and does not cause any other conflicts or problems with any devices.

Download Thesycon 1394 Stack Installer (2.1 MB)

Legacy Software Downloads

Legacy software and drivers are available for your QImaging FireWire™ camera. Select the software that you need for a list of legacy versions. Then select the version that is appropriate for your operating system and click on the filename.